Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Favorite Moments At Mellon Arena

Job Fair at Melon Arena

The last event at Mellon arena can also be one of the most helpful. On July 13th, The and the The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh will host a job fair that aims to help the local community get back to an exciting time in their own lives, much like the Mellon Arena has enriched lives over its history.

As we look towards the future of Pittsburgh, today I wanted to take a look back at some of the moments that shaped our lives at Mellon Arena. To do that I asked some of our sales professionals inside the their favorite moments at the historical arena. Here's what they had to say!

Ed Miles started the conversation by saying his favorite moment was the...

Summer of 1975 - Almond Brothers Concert and they opened the roof to The Civic Arena for the entire concert.....WOW!!

Jack Dibrell says...

...there have been so many. I remember watching Stevie Nicks backstage just seconds before climbing the steps to go onstage for her concert, clutching and holding on for dear life the hands of her backup singers. She was petrified and paralyzed with fear, stage fright, or whatever, but of course once she started her set, she KICKED BUTT!!

Then there were the times I met ZZ Top backstage for 'meet and greets' after their concerts, trying to avoid the temptation of pulling on those long, flowing beards!

Watching summer concerts with the Arena roof FULLY OPENED, and feeling like I was in a completely different venue!

And the few times I announced the halftime entertainment at Arena truck pulls.

Watching my son between periods at a Penguins game goal tend during a 'shootout' against another area amateur hockey team.

Being at Game 7 during the 1993 playoffs against the NY Islanders and LOSING, being eliminated after winning back-to-back Stanley Cups the previous two years!

Judy Hodges chimed in:

This is sad, I have only been to the arena three times in my life , besides all the job fair's  we've held there. The first time I went there to see the Barnum Bailey Circus when my children were 5 and 7. That same winter we went to see the ice capades. Both times were very special because of my children (1978!!)

I would have loved to go to the oldies etc. but haven't yet to date. Maybe one of these days. My biggest regret is not seeing it open.

What About You?

What is your favorite moment at Mellon Area? Was it a concert, a Penguins game, a family trip or one of our Pittsburgh job fairs?!

Whatever your favorite moment, we can all say the arena holds special times for all of us and that is why we are so excited to host one last job fair at Mellon. If you want to change your own future and find a new job or career that you can tell your kids, family or future generations about, you can also say you did it at Mellon Arena.

Pre-register for the Pittsburgh Job Fair here and tell us your favorite Mellon Arena moment in the comments below.

-Greg and the Pittsburgh Team

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