Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Musings on the Pittsburgh Hourly Job Front

The hourly jobs environment in Pittsburgh appears to still be growing. We are seeing ad counts in many different recruitment media continue to grow. The outlook for the summer in Pittsburgh is as strong as we have seen since 2001.

Over 600 part time hourly workers have been hired directly for the US Open that starts this weekend at Oakmont Country Club.

We have been informed this morning the venue for our big job fair in July may not be available due to a possible new lease for the auditorium space we use on the concourse level. Stay tuned. If this turns out to be the case we have contingency plans for another venue.

The most difficult entry level to mid level skilled positions to hire for in Pittsburgh right now are nurses, sales people, truck drivers, mechanics and machinists. These seem to be the jobs where demand is currently far outstripping supply.

Stay tuned for an announcement soon on a new partnership between Comcast Cable in southwest Pennsylvania and the Employment Guide.
Comcast is rolling out some new products for their viewers that will add even more value not just for job seekers but also local consumers in general.

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Truly a 'Burgh Thing!

Truly a 'Burgh Thing!
by Randy Bish, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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Job News and Information for Job Seekers and Recruiters