Friday, May 23, 2008

Majestic Star Casino to Bring Over 1,000 Jobs to Pittsburgh

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Although the gaming industry is something new to the Pittsburgh area, the Majestic Star casino could be very beneficial to the local workforce. The establishment will be offering more than 1,000 new jobs to the area in May 2009. This could be a great opportunity for many jobseekers, as the casino will be offering competitive salaries and benefits. However, working in a casino is not for everyone.
Luckily, the Northside Leadership Conference (NSLC) and the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) are working together in order to create free workshops for potential casino employees. These workshops seek to answer questions about applying for a casino job, what it is like to work in the gaming industry and what kind of future it holds for employees.
These community workshops will be called "So You Think You Want To Work in a Casino?" and will begin later in the month. Although the workshops will share some information that was provided by Majestic Star, the instructors will be completely objective. The potential drawbacks to working for the gaming industry will definitely be covered, as well.
As noted above, working for a casino is not for everyone. Naturally, there are people who may not agree with gambling and those people will certainly not want to work for Majestic Star. Also, the establishment may require some very odd hours and demanding job performances. On the other hand, there is some great room for promotion and the industry offers competitive hourly wages.
Even though the Majestic Star casino will not open its doors for another year, the establishment will begin its hiring much sooner. Also, some positions may require credentials from the state of Pennsylvania. If you are uncertain about your ability or desire to work for Majestic Star, a free workshop could come in very handy. For more information, citizens are encouraged to visit the NSLC's
official site.

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